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 Living Relations brings together the experience of two Professional Practitioners to assist you with Relational as well as Personalized therapy transforming various issues within your Marriage, your Relationships, your Work Place,  or within your Self.

Professional Support helps you develop new Skills and Strategies to better handle difficulties, and grow from them. It helps you transform Negative Patters and Negative Emotions working at a subconscious level, by fostering self awareness, personality integration, compassionate communication skills,  as well as a variety of Personal Skills and Family Strategies according to your situation.    

Living Relations  aims to bring deep relational transformation . Our work is to help you take steps towards a more productive and more fulfilling experience in your Family, Workplace, and in your Self. 

Every Individual and Couple need to take time for self-reflection, building good communication skills grounded in a conscious way of relating that enhances growth, and wellbeing. To create the necessary shift to Conscious Relating we offer programs that helps you create a well integrated relational functionality. This will provide you with the capacity to  express, succeed and impact the world in a positive, caring and responsible manner.

We offer a range of inter-connected services:

Individual Coaching is designed to enhance your personal life-style.providing you with the resources to renew and uplift your relational connections, and to review Meaning, Goals and Commitments towards higher levels of personal fullfillment.

Couples and Relationships Coaching will make you aware of the dynamics at work within your couple or marriage system, or within your relationships. It will help you change mis-perception or sabotaging belief systems, improving your capacity to better communicate each other vulnerabilities, allowing a new dimension of love, compassionate understanding and acceptance to arise, renewing the relationship wellbeing.

Women's Wellness Coaching is providing counselling and therapy for you to discover yourself at a deeper level, unfolding your life direction and your Goals in life, busting your own  self-esteem and self- empowermrmt.

 Our Vision and mission
To support your capacity of being a leading agent of change increasing Positivity and Wellbeing in life.

To support healthy Relational Approaches for Individuals and Families to enhance Wellbeing, Serenity of Mind, and Expression in the world.

To build Personal and Interpersonal contact as ground for sharing our stories and our vulnerabilities, through a culture of respect, care, and human growth.

To develop Inclusion that deconstructs marginalization and celebrates difference, by facilitating personality development and integration, coupled with Community Connection and Resonance.